Stripes on a Saturday feat. Vanessa.

But Before i forget, Happy Easter Everyone! 

It's been a good five day holiday for me, but unfortunately i'm back in uni tomorrow. Goodbye to "i wonder what we should do today?" and hello to "oh wonderful. we have a 7am tomorrow" But, (Thank God) i'll be back home at the ending of the month.. till September! A 5 month summer holiday is all i need, really. So, Yesterday, i hung out with a few people. And you know.. It was fun. Below are bathroom selfies with myself and a friend, Vanessa. And look! we're both dressed in stripes. Me in a stripped crop top, and her in a stripped skater skirt. And you want to know the best part? It wasn't planned, Haha. 

p.s - Good times, are best experienced with the best kinds of people ;-)


Girls Talk: Picky With Food, Picky With Boys.

Our Little Secret: Summer 2014 Secrets Part I.

This is a new segment, i'll be introducing with a story sent in by one of you guys. It's called "Summer Secrets 2014" send in all your funny, yet so very interesting past summer secrets. Not to worry, they'd be kept anonymous. 
mail: Fifunmiosinubi@gmail 

So last year, first week of June my best friend had just gotten out of a relationship with her boyfriend. Till today she claims it was a mutual thing but the truth was he broke up with her because she had been having a little too much fun with other boys all summer. I on the other hand had been doing absolutely nothing. The thing was i had been friends with my best friends boyfriend too. Like really good friends. Because i had known him way before he had started dating my best friend. I kind of introduced them actually. But anyway, that doesn't matter.


Horoscope: What Your April Sign Has To Say

(via refinery29.com)


Celebrate, good times, come on! Birthday season is in full swing for you this April, as the sun blazes a trail through your sign until the 20th. Fete your new year by gifting yourself an experience — a summer apartment swap with your Parisian amie, an Italian cooking class (in Tuscany), or last-minute tickets to Coachella. With lucky Jupiter rousing from a retrograde on the eighth, your need to be free will be ultra-strong, especially when it comes to love. Passion is your raison d’ĂȘtre, but settling down could be a bit of a bummer. Just don’t push a good one away, Ram. Your love life hits an important milestone — or a turning point — during the lunar eclipse on the fourth. Have The Talk about long-term desires and needs to make sure they match up. This eclipse is in cooperative, diplomatic Libra, helping you negotiate win-wins.

Single? Someone unexpected could step out of the shadows and profess deeper feelings. On the 18th, the new moon in Aries sets you on a six-month solo adventure. This could be the brightest day of 2015 for getting a personal project into flight. With your ruler Mars in hardworking, practical Taurus all month, you’ll be motivated to put in the elbow grease to make these dreams come true.

Why Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner Are Too Cool!

My favorite people to look at, at the moment. These two 19 year old's are (easily) taking the fashion world by storm, and we just can't stop looking at their amazing pictures. They both are on the pages of vogue, and have had some campaigns with Tom Ford.