Eleven Of The Funniest Moods You Go Through When You're In A Relationship.

Personally, i have just three. But we'll save that for later, wont't we? ;-)
I asked a few girls, and it all came down to Eleven. How true are they? feel free to comment below.


"This boy has come again with his lies. But she said she was there when he touched her bumbum, so what is he saying?"

Hi! You Should Listen To: Round And Round By Imagine Dragons.

Five Songs By Britney Spears That Were Totally Your "Jam"

What To Do: He Won't Stop Calling After We Hooked Up Once.. Or Twice (Maybe Thrice)

Five Things The Movie 'The First Time' Taught Me.

First things first, i love this movie. I love the story line and pretty much all that it's about..
Getting through first's..
Along the way i learnt a few things from it. Well, like i always do.


Soooo Annoying: "I Invited Him Over, And All He Wanted To Do Was Eat"


I had just started talking to this particular boy and things were going really good. Like, really good. Like, "i see myself dating this boy very soon" good. We had only seen each other once because he was busy at uni for half of the summer. I invited him over one weekend, and i got very excited because i couldn't wait to see him. 

Hi, I'm Comforta(Blue)

Oops, my bad. Did i misspell that?

Share Your Outfits: Prom look by Valerie.

Here's an entry from Valerie, letting us see how (Absolutely) gorgeous! she looked before her prom night. She didn't include were the dress was from, but i'd be sure to find out.