Our Little Secret: Five Lessons Learned In 2014. (in GIFs)

This post inspired me to write my OWN lessons i've learned this past year. So i should be doing that soon enough. And a big thank you to who sent this. I always have fun gathering gifs ;-)

one: People are still so ignorant. Especially boys. Apparently, if your'e a virgin & you don't bleed, you will get broken up with because you "Lied" -Stay away from dumb people.


two: don't drink and drive.


Music: 1989 x The 1975. (+ Free Download)

Because I've been listening to tswizzle from the very first day she released her first single "Love Story" its amazingly clear how she's grown as a writer, and as a performer. 1989 is Simply amazing. Every single song on the album IS amazing. Gun to my head, if i had to pick my favorite on the album? (which is REALLY hard by the way) I'd go with Out Of The Woods.. along with the other 15 songs on the album. HA!

& Click HERE If you'd like to order the album. 
(I really couldn't find any site where you could stream the album. sucks, i know)

The 1975 are an amazing English band i recommend to good music lovers out there. (not to be confused with G.O.O.D music, haha) Luckily for Me, i mean US! A lot of their best songs are available on soundcloud, so enjoy below..

** If you like The Wombats, you'll love The 1975.

People Lose Contents All The Time! It's No Big Deal.

Is what i kept telling myself,
It IS a big deal! ugh.
As i'm sure you all have noticed (& i really do hope you have) JanuaryEmber's been MIA. We've had to revert back to blogger from wordpress, (and if you ask me, was one of the best thing' s we could have done) But yeah, as you'll notice a lot of the posts from the past year are missing because we had a bit of a problem, as we lost our old hosting space. I've been a bit gloomy about the whole thing. But i'd like to believe everything happens for a reason, and we can pick up where we left off.


Ps. sorry about the video/sound quality. It was dark where i was, and i used snapchat! lol xoxox


The Girls In Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines Video: Ever Wondered Who They Are?

Well, I have.
and I'm not sure why really. I mean they were just dancing about in the background wearing nothing but nude coloured underwear, so yeah.. i know we all noticed.

Emily Ratajkowski. @realemrata

    You know, it's really hard to find a picture of her in full clothing. I've been here for half an hour looking for a picture of her that doesn't have her boobs on full view. Took me a bit.. But i found it. Emily Ratajkowski is a 21 year old american model and actress, she was born in London to a Polish father and an Israeli mother. She's been modelling since the age of 14. She's worked for Forever 21, Nordstorm but was soon to become recognised as a model after shooting campaigns with Tony Duran The Photographer.


Bad Lessons You've Probably Learnt From Disney's Princesses.

We all love Fairytales. We all love how no matter what happened, there was always going to be a happy ending. How you don't have to go through the stress of not being able to meet your crush cause you have the biggest pimple, or not finding the right thing to wear. why? because there's that 'love at first sight' thing. There's always a prince. now, sometimes don't you wish it worked that way? knowing there's a prince that's waiting for you? Either in the forest, or at a ball..

 anyway anyway, besides that, their a lot of bad lessons these princesses taught us..
(plus i mean.. falling in love with a total stranger you met in a forest? oh please)

what're the bad lessons?

Sleeping Beauty

That it's Alright to have no life goals or ambitions. Aurora's only goal in life was to fall in love. Which she actually did when she met the prince in the forest, and that was it.

5 Avril Lavigne Songs You've Probably Heard In Your Favourite Movies/Series.

I know i can't be the only one who always listens to an Avril Lavigne song and tries to remember what movie or series i heard it being played In. Her songs have been played in so many movies! so well, i've gathered 5 of her songs you've probably heard in your favourite series or movie. Check them out below. 

1.  Tv Series: Dawson's Creek. 
Song by avril lavigne: Complicated.
Season/Episode: -


Miguel - Use Me

"use me, wanna give you control."


Evan Peters: Every Girl's New Eye Candy

Alright so i know he just recently got engaged to Emma Roberts, so that kind of sucks for us. But hey! We can still look can't we? I recently just started on American Horror Story, and i'm in love with him! Well, maybe not his character in the first season considering he was a bit..

.. Crazy